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Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services
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 14 reviews
by MarkW on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services
Excellent work replacing orangeburg line

The Interstate crew replaced my home's orangeburg sewer line in only 2 days. The crew was very professional, avoided unnecessary demolition/excavation and returned the shrubbery and grass to very good condition.

All work was completed as promised with no surprises and excellent communication throughout. In fact, they completed the job a day ahead of schedule.

I would highly recommend Interstate without hesitation.

by Blair on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services

Fast and efficient start to finish. Interstate consulted with us prior to the work being performed, and assured of us the true extent/ scope of the repair needed. The pipe- bursting method performed took only a few days and was easy to schedule and complete. At the end the crew back filled so well that we couldn't even tell where the two holes were dug. We expected to have to do some landscaping behind them, and appreciate their extra effort on this.

by Nina on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services
amazing job

The customer service and job done was well above my expectations. I think the yard was left nicer than when we started (they had to remove n old, already tumbling down portion of a "retaining wall" and they built it back up again much better than before. Worth a little bit extra upfront money to not have to pay for repair jobs after, I think it comes out even or better than having to tear more apart in your house and yard.

by J. Francis on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services
Water Line Replacement

A terrific job by Eric and Interstate. We came home from a trip to find water in our basement. A call to Eric resulted in a recommendation on what to immediately do. The problem was fixed in two days (a storm intervened) and the water turned back on. His crew did a great job and the yard was returned to nearly original state. The service does cost a "few" dollars but it is nice to know the County inspector also liked the work done.

by Julia Vermillion on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services
Excellet Company

Interstate was called in by the plumber I had hired who could not fix the problem. Interstate got someone out that afternoon. They showed up when they said they would, worked very efficiently. Fixed the primary problem (backed up sewer line) and showed me why this problem keeps happening every few years. Now I can fix the root problem! Very polite, professional, and hard working. And very reasonable price-wise. I would hire them again without hesitation.

by Tim on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services

Outstanding work replacing a water drain line that required opening up the concrete in our basement. Timely and professional service opening up our concrete, finding and fixing the problem, and putting fresh concrete back. Highly recommend!

by Sunday on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services

Erik responded to our request for a quote to replace a water main due to a leak. We received the quote quickly and work started immediately. The team was professional and courteous. The yard and cement slab were cleaned up beautifully after the repair work was done. I would highly recommend this company especially if you are having the water main under the house replaced.

by Bob Hudson on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services

Interstate provided quick and high quality replacement of our home water supply. We were delighted that our water was only shut off for about 4 hours and that the new water supply line was routed by a different path such that our front porch, walkway, and shrubbery was undisturbed. I would highly recommend Interstate to anyone who needs a new water supply line to their home.

by Home Advisor Customer on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services
Install, Replace or Repair a Main Sewer Pipe

The 40+ foot lateral sewer line replacement via pipe bursting technology was performed flawlessly by Interstate Enterprises. The smaller ingress and egress access holes minimized the normally invasive conventional trenching excavation technique. Excellent clean-up. Recommended.

by Sandra P on Interstate Enterprises Plumbing Services

Everyone was professional and considerate of our concerns. A new water main line was installed and rerouted to a new location in our home. They were available the very next day. They ensured us that they would cover all repairs to own lawn, sprinkler system and home - which they did with great care. I highly recommend them!

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